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About Sata Group

Since the beginning of 1900 SATA GROUP (first called Martinelli) has been producing a large range of high-tech and high quality standard components that have always been fitted into the most innovative car industry products.

Flywheels, connecting rods, cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds, intake manifolds, transmission cases, steering boxes, EGR brackets, levers, bearing blocks, are significant examples of SATA production.

SATA GROUP, working with flexible production lines and numerical control work centers, can satisfy the most demanding customers' request.

About Vikas Group

Over 3 decades of experience in the Automotive Industry, The Vikas Group has successfully established itself as a prominent player in the Auto component Industry of the country. The Group has been able to successfully partner with leading companies around the world and has been amongst the first to bring in products and technologies, relevant to the times.

Automotive Air-Conditioning (Compressor, HVAC & Hose Pipes), Heat Exchangers (Condenser, Heater Core, Evaporator, Oil Cooler, Radiator), Emission After Treatment Systems (Catalytic convertor assemblies with substrate, coating & canning operations), precision machined components (Exhaust Manifolds, Flywheels, Differential Case, Compressor parts and laser fractured connecting rod), Iron Casting Component (For Brake System, Engine System, Transmission System), non-ferrous castings and non-ferrous extrusions of special profiles.